Wednesday, 7 January 2009

What Can We Do?

Like many others, I have kept away from blogging mainly due to the bad news that ended 2008 and still going in 2009, the situation in Gaza has worsened and many of us are just feeling completely useless, I feel sick of expressing my views, I am fed up with posting pictures and banners and joining support groups on Facebook and what ever, the suffering still goes on and most of us are resorting to prayers as we believe God's wisdom will prevail inshaAllah.
Watching the news here in the west can be a joke sometimes, I do like the coverage provided by Al-Jazeera English Channel, I feel its reporters have become heroes just like any Palestinian civilian going through this, the BBC coverage has been as always, reporting most of the truth, showing some sympathy with the Palestinians while giving some support to Israel, on the other hand watching some of the American news channels has become like a joke, something to make you laugh when you are feeling very stressed, the biggest joke is Fox News who continuously talk about the suffering of Israelis under Hamas rockets, one American reporter who is a middle aged woman said that the Palestinian women and children suffering we keep seeing on TV is nothing but Hamas propaganda put on TV to get the world's sympathy yet the Israeli propaganda machine is working full time, every time an Israeli politician comes on TV, be it Al-Jazeera, BBC or Sky News, they just keep repeating themselves over and over again, so much so that news presenters keep urging them to move on and talk about something else, here is a report by the BBC on Israeli propaganda.

Of course some of the press here in London is very supportive of Israel, yesterday I had a Look at London's only evening newspaper, The Evening Standard, there was a major headline inside about the anti-Semitic attacks happening in London, as you can see from the picture, it says: Synagogue set alight!, when reading the article, it says someone broke a window and they think they tried to set it on fire but they failed!! I mean this is hardly setting a synagogue alight, all this headline is doing is trying to swing public support just like the crap we keep hearing about how Palestinians are firing bombs on kindergartens and schools in Israel, international media has been illegally banned from Gaza by the Israelis, they show what they want to show, even Israelis are watching Al-Jazeera because it is the only channel with reporters in Gaza and I must stress that their reporting has been quite fair to Israelis, they are showing any damage happening in Israel due to Hamas rockets even though it is very minimum.
The public opinion of a large number of the British public has changed towards Israel in recent years especially after the war in Lebanon in 2006, this latest war has given Palestinians even more support here, there are demonstrations, calls for collecting aid and money to help Gaza are everywhere, even some celebrities including singers and artists have protested strongly, it is at times like these that I feel proud of the decent British public, of course there are many that support Israel but anyone with a tiny bit of brain can see the crimes being committed, these people are supporting genocide and murder, how can they sleep at night when they know that over 200 Palestinian children have been killed in just over 10 days, these children are precious, they are not collateral damage as they keep telling us, supporting the civilian Palestinians is not supporting Hamas or any other groups.

What can we do help?? not much really, please keep praying for the innocents, Palestinians and Israelis.

I got the following beautiful prayer in Arabic by text yesterday:

أللهم انصر أهلنا في غزة وثبت أقدامهم وفرج كربتهم وإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون


Nilo Dream said...

Hello Anglo ;

the insistence of Obama on saying the same sentence and the same comment is something very dirty and very mean and very coward , he just said :

"the loss of civilian life in Gaza and in Israel is a source of deep concern for me." He declined to go further, reiterating his stance that the U.S. has only one president at a time."

it just shows that what is happening now is a scenerio that was agreed upon with bush and obama and israel , it is not by chance that this happens in the transation period between george bush and obama , it is very systematic and very intelligent .

i agree on everything and most things that leandra machado say , the only thing that i did not agree with her is her criticism of the united states but unfortunately she is right , she is right about everything , in the next few years the united states is going to be a very beastful thing and it is on the expense of the arabs and the muslims , the arabs submitted completely to the united sates , they gave her basis , they gave her money , they gave her a market for her products and even they are used as a sphere to test her new weapons . . america got much power by going to iraq and got more power by going to afghanistan and they enjoy destroying the arabs and the muslims one by one to build the new american empire .

the next stand will be syria , and iran , and after that all the muslim countries and all the arab countries will be under the direct supervision and adminsteration of the american system , just look at it :

1- 90 % of the arabs money and oil returns is invested in the united states and the united kingdome
2- the arabs depend mostly on the west for food
3- the arab depends mostly on the west for milierary weapons and rockets
4- the arab depend mostly on the west for medical and health industery , medicines , machines everything
5- the arab depends mostly on the west for all their technological needs , the enginereeings , the satelitites , the planes
6- the arabs depends mostly on the west for their educational needs , the universitites , the research centers and even the schools
7-90 % of the arab decisions are already taken on washington and 90 % of the arab leaders are ready to lick the feet of george bush and obama to be just happy about them

the united states is really in iraq and they will remain for years
the united states is really in afghanistan and they will remain for years

the situation is really hard , it is the death and the end of the arab and the muslim world by all means and in all ways , from king abdul allah in saudia to bin landen in afghanistan , from sadaam in iraq to mubarak in egypt , the only one who benfitted from the death of the arab and the muslim world is the united states , in all these countries the political system runs in the orbit of the united states more than it was ever before , the new arab leaders are very loyal to the united states , and the united states is really interfering very much in the arab and muslim world , we are becoming more and more influnced by the united states politically and culturally and econmoically and very soon will be idealogically too , and i think we began to be controlled idealogically too because many arab leaders began to really adopt the policy of the united states even concerning gaza issue

the united states of course is very sympathized with israel because they are built over the same policy , the way the white man took the lands from the american indians is not much diffirent from the way the jews took the land from the arabs , in both cases , there is a legal owner of the lands and there is a strong theif , the lands belongs for sure to the american natives not for the europeans , the way israel was created is a bit diffirent , but still it evolves around the same thing , it is a weak owner of the land and a strong powerful theif ,

but for sure the red indians , the natives of the america have thir excuses , they were few in number compared to the europeans , and they did not take the long chance of 60 years ( from 1948 to 2009 ) , i do not think that we , the arabs need any pity , we lost the war . i do not have any sympathy of course for the palestenian childern dying every day , they are not any diffirent from the childern and women dying in iraq , or dying in afgahnistan ,or in the prison of any arab ruler , when the american war began in iraq , leandra had a counter reflecting the number of deaths in iraq , now she removed it , it is an old news , it does not move no body , or maybe the counter itself exploded , or maybe she found she needs other counters , one for iraq , one for afghanistan , one for palestine , so she just kept the gadget of the amenisty international , and boy it says alot about what is happening in the arab prisons .

anyway ,israel is a mini america in the area and the only artifical country in the world , within the american mentality there is a strong belief that lands are for those who needs it and who works for it , and for the stronger for sure , they are supported by strength and money and power and of course israel although they have very little resources is more powerful than saudi arabia and egypt and many other countries , isreal defeated us in technology and education and democracy and angricultural and this was the real defeat , the war really finished before it began , we are becoming very awkward anglo

what is really dangerous and that is very vital in this period of time is that the economical situation of the world will make all the arab leaders very desperate and ready to please the united states at any account and by any cost , they have no time to think about anything else even the identity of his people , king abdul allah does not really care if all saudi arabia turns into an american base , and that all arabian culture turn into american culture or that his next son is john , king abdul allah of jordon does not care for jordon as much as he cares for the united states ,

and america knows very well what she is doing , you remember the americans supported king abdul allah of jordon in a very strange way ,i still remember the face of the american secertary of forgein affairs , mrs. madeline Albright, the woman care very much for the scared boy , she was supporting him like a mom supporting an enfant , i was afraid that in the news conference she was doing after the funeral of al hassan she would take him in her lap and breast feed him , and man , she looked jewish and for sure she has a big breast and for sure she was trying to show her legs alot and tempt as much as she could , she is very diffirent from margret thatcher or Andera Ghandi or banazir botto .

you know something anglo , one day leandra machado talked about the creative industerial part of the american elections , or how they create the image of the candidates , how fashion is very important in that , how they spend alot of money on it , how there are advisors for that from the political party , how it helps creating the image of the political personality , for all this i do not think it is by chance that she was alaways wearing short skirts , i am sure the fashion is a big issue in the american politics , anyway you imagine what is the american image that the american wanted to give to the world at that time by madline albright , do you think king abdul allah did not praise the legs of madline albright many times ?

anyway ; the good news now is that the current american secertary of state condeleeza rice is in love with an arab , they say they meet lot and the guy goes into the American foreign affairs offices as he wish, and they meet whenever she comes to the middle east and he is good in bed . you want to hear more ; hear this :

Saudi News Agency, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia, right, meets with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice after her arrival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah has presented Rice with gifts on various occasions like a ruby and diamond necklace with matching earrings, bracelet and ring worth an estimated $165,000 in July 2007, and a estimated $170,000 flower petal motif necklace the Saudi monarch gave to Rice in 2005, which the State Department says was not previously disclosed

2- WASHINGTON - President George W. Bush's foreign policies may be unpopular in the Middle East, but Arab leaders showered his top diplomat with jewelry worth far more than a quarter of a million dollars last year.

While Bush himself didn't fare nearly as well, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice raked in at least $316,000 in gem-encrusted baubles from the kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia alone, making her one of top recipients among U.S. officials of gifts from foreign heads of state and government and their aides in 2007.

In January, Jordan's King Abdullah II gave Rice an emerald and diamond necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings estimated to be worth $147,000, according to the State Department's annual inventory of such items released Monday just in time for Christmas

3- The king and his wife, Queen Rania, also gave Rice a less expensive necklace and earrings along with a jewelry box valued at $4,630, the document shows.

Not to be outdone, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia presented Rice with a ruby and diamond necklace with matching earrings, bracelet and ring worth $165,000 in July. The inventory also includes a $170,000 flower petal motif necklace the Saudi monarch gave to Rice in 2005, which the department says was not previously disclosed.

From the same Arab leaders, Bush received just over $100,000 in gifts in 2007, the list shows.

Other gifts include an $85,000 sapphire and diamond jewelry set and $10,000 piece of artwork depicting a desert scene of bedouins, camels and a tent made of gold given to first lady Laura Bush by Saudi King Abdullah.

Anglo ; who is licking the feet of the ameriacns now , i bet if you die out of hunger in your country or in london no arab king will send you a piece od dried bread
boy , not a blanket , not a drop of water , not anything ,

after all these fortune of gifts the to condoleeza rice , she is not satisfied , so the arab kings sent condoleeza rice a young handsome man to love her and they say this love affair is supported by his king ,what do you call this ? political pimping ? cuckolding ? boy we are the first nation in the world who invented this kind of political attitude , can you imagine it , a king instead of having a crown on his head has two horns , can you imagine him instead of having a sciptere or a wand in his hands , having a towel ? you know the last time i was at the cairo marriot there was mrs. clinton there , there was alot of police but i never knew with whom she was discussing in her suit , i am sure the king of this country is preparing a whole branch or department or army and training them not to lick mrs. clinton feet , she is the next secertary anyway ,

anglo it is no use , please change the subject , turn the page , go on , try to live as beast and do not feel nothing , try not to think , try to close your eyes and pray for death because the alternative is really sad , more sad than you think

Nilo Dream said...

back again to the gifts Condoleezza Rice received from the arab leaders ; they are as follows :

1- $316,000 in gem-encrusted baubles from the Saudi Arabia alone, making her one of top recipients among U.S. officials of gifts from foreign heads of state and government and their aides in 2007.
3- Queen Rania, also gave Rice a less expensive necklace and earrings along with a jewelry box
4-In January, Jordan's King Abdullah II gave Rice an emerald and diamond necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings estimated to be worth $147,000, according to the State Department's annual inventory of such items released Monday just in time for Christmas
5- King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia presented Rice with a ruby and diamond necklace with matching earrings, bracelet and ring
6- Other gifts include an $85,000 sapphire and diamond jewelry set

and you know after condleeza rice is not satisfied with that , or they felt she is not pleased enough or happy , they invented for her the arab prince , i am sure the mujahdeen in saudi arabia will issue a fatwa saying that oral is not haram because you know american politicians do love oral , and i do not excpect that condoleeza is an exception to this

the big question is that , when condoleeza rice was in her last visit to egypt before the gaza episode , do you think she got any gifts ? and if yes , do you think the arabs increased the amount of gifts to please their godess ? and even if they want to increase their gifts what they will offer after all what they offered ? they gave her ermerland , ruby , diamond , necklaces , rings , earrings , bracelets , the competition was very fierce and the race was very fast , and i do really think that it would have been better if they collaborted together and made her a diamond and emerland and ruby panties , but you know the arab are always against the unity of any kind

the bigger question is that what will they do with hilary clinton , what kind of gifts and what kind of lovers she wants ? what will the king of saudi arabia do ? what will abdul allah and rania offer ?

you want a tougher question : you think these arab kings were offering these gift to conolezza rice while shouting with her about the palestinian issue , or they were kissing her hands ?

the rest of the question is : do you think the americans respect the arabs more for their gifts ?

abdul nasser , once in one of his stupid speeches said " the american embassador was in my office , i told him " any insult i will dismiss you at once "

do you think any arab country or king can dismiss condoleeza rice ?

you want to be more sad : well read what george bush did with the afghani president in his last visit to afghanistan , i swear he was rebroached like 6 years old pupil , and he was warned that if he does not his home work next time he will be sent home , it was really no jocking

you want to even be more sad ; try to imagine the nature of the realtionship between the next iraqi government and the united states , if abdullah gives conolezza rice ruby and diamond and emerland , what the iraqi goverment will give ? ! , pity i swear king abdul allah made it very hard for himself and for those who came after him , the guy offered peace intiatives , gems and everything ?

the point is that with all due respect to the american diplomacy , condolieeza rice is not that beautiful , she is 54 years old skinny black american woman who never married , what if ? what if the americans sent to them a blonde sex bomb like madonna as a secertary of foreign affairs , you think who will be the first arab king to have the honour of shaving her ? and how the two kings abdul allah will compete ?!

Beacon said...

Thanks for a great post AL. You are at least doing something by writing about this issue. AL you can also post the links for any decent charity organizations that people can give money to. Check my latest post to see the links to two of them (Islamic Relief and UNWRA).
Talking of the media, have you noticed the HUGE discrepancy in the coverage between Aljazeera English and the Arabic Channel? I thought Aljazeera International was supposed to be different from the other western media, although its better than the American channels (which doesn't take much hard work), it still falls way short of what people expected of it to be!

May Allah help the people of Gaza.

Thanks and God bless,,,,

حنان شلبي said...

انا زهقت من كل هاد ، وانا ببيتي ومرتاحة ومبسوطة وكل شي متوفر
وزهقت زهقت من القصفوالموت والدم والقهر
زهقت وانا بعيدة
زهقت وانا بامان

الله يعين اهل غزة ويرفع عنهم هالبلاء يارب عن قريب يا رب انصرهم قريب يارب يكون فرجك قريب عليهم

MusicLover said...

What can we do?

on the other hand not far from our own roots, saif 'the broken sword of Libya' rented Mariah Carey for new years celebration, paying her 170 thousand pounds of the Libyan peoples money per song, and apparently she sang a minimum of 4 songs well well well....

This what White African posted on her blog.

Yes what we can do? that's a good question, in order to help others we have to fix our own problems at home first which is Libya.

As most Libyans are goverment employees means they are civil servants that includes from the top to the bottom. These civil servants their duties are to serve the citizens of the country, they are not suppose to take bribes and they are not doing any favours for anyone, becuase we as citiizens we are paying for their salaries and this applies also for the private sector, as customers our business is keeping these businesses afloat.

What makes it worse, even the opposition leaders, many of them were civil servants and corrupt. You can never be rich in Libya if you are civil servant unless you were able to save money, take loans from the bank and build a house and rent it to non Libyans which gives you extra money to live a better life. How do you expect me to respect the opposition, to me they are crooks, plus they exploit the Libyans abroad. Many of the Libyan bloggers were not even born when some opposition leaders flew abroad with goverment money and started business.

What surprises me that Libyans still dream that President will die " He will out live me :-) " and his son is going to save them from the dark ages, what a joke.

Bribes Corrode Afghans’ Trust in Government

The article reminds me of Libya,typical thirld country.

Roula Khalaf

It is worth reading her aticles.

By Jimmy Carter
Thursday, January 8

An Unnecessary War

Militant Islam Threatens Us All

How the U.N. Perpetuates the 'Refugee' Problem


When I read their articles, I have to be freaking stupid to believe them but unfortunately many Americans believe this crap.

Natan Sharansky Doesn't Know What the Meaning of Refugee Is

Since Rupert Murdoch bought Wall Street Journal, more articles against the Arabs, as if it is not enough he owns Fox Network.

Bob Marley - Get up, stand up (Live)

As for Nilo Dream there are some truth what you said but eventually things will get better, the Egyptian bloggers are doing a great job when it comes to politics and have to give the credit to the Egyptian Ladies Bloggers.

Imaginary_sj said...

I am absolutly devastated with the tragic state in Gaza , I am wondering where are our Arab leaders? ..I am sorry to say that we have become the laughing stock in the world ...We have lost our dignity!Shame on us ! and sorry Gaza!

Nilo Dream said...

hello sj :

1- we have no Arab leaders : there is nothing like " leaders " in the Arab world , I think you need to consult your dictionary and review the meaning of " leaders " again , try another definition girl

2- no , we are not the laughing stock of the world , this is a very far reaching dream
we are the despising stock of the world
we are the pitiful stock of the world

3- no , we have not lost our dignity
we actually had no dignity to loose
try to work your brain out and remember the last time you felt any dignity as an arab
try to ask your father , if he felt any as an arab
try to ask your grandfather

4-please do not trouble shame again and associate it with the Arabs
the word already has very bad connotations
please do not make it worse by associating it with us

5- your " sorry Gaza " makes me laugh indeed ,
please do not begin feeling guilt or flog yourself or apologize to gaza
if you say " sorry " to gaza , what will you say to the rest of Palestine ?
What will you say to Golan Heights ?
What will you say to Jerusalem ?

MusicLover said...

Israeli Commandos Vs. Palestinian chick

This was send to me a by Palestenian Doctor who did not marry because she did not know whether her fiancee was alive or dead for 14 years in Israel. Unfortunately he was dead .

Anonymous said...

من فضلك ضعها فى صفحتك الاولى ليستمع اليها الجميع

Anglo-Libyan said...

Nilo Dream
Music Lover
Imaginary SJ

thank you for your comments and I apologise in the delay as I do not have much time to go online at the moment.

BuJassem said...

It's very sad stuff what is going on in Gaza.. and the world leaders do nothing.. man.. we need to have strong armies as a deterrent..strong enough for us to say if say "by accident" we happen to kill 1000 israelis we can say that we did it in "self-defence" but the international community will do nothing coz we'd be very powerful.

Anak Bangsa said...

أهلا وسهلا ، وروح وصورة جيدة.... بها من قبل....
أبناء الأمة ، وشمال سومطرة اندونيسي

Anglo-Libyan said...

a big welcome to you Anak Bangsa

Yellow Blade said...

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