Monday, 2 February 2009

The Big Freeze!

They have been waning us for 2 days that arctic weather was moving in from Russia and that it was going to snow heavily, yesterday was a very cold day, by night it strated to snow.

This is what the cars looked like last night
This morning at about 7am, the street completely covered in snow

Yet again it seems London got caught by surprise, strange since a weather warning was issues 2 days ago! many people are angry here that everything came to a stand still just because of heavy snow, well it certainly was a happy day for kids in London, all schools shut down and they got to play in the snow.

Transport was heavily affected, all of London's buses were cancelled, train service almost at a stop and hardly anyone driving, how a city as big and as important as London become so afftected!!

I took Amir to the park and some of the neighbours were there too, they all had a great time snow ball fighting and making snow men, everybody loves the snow.

Amir made this little cute snow man and put a hat on it

Amir with his creation, seconds before he smashed it to bits with his plastic Narnia sword
It is about 2pm at the moment and it is still snowing heavily, not sure if things are back to normal tomorrow or not?? it really can be just like a third world country here sometimes!


Nasimlibya said...

everybody loves the snow.

ya that's true so enjoy as u can

Shahrazad said...

Im not a fan of cooooollllddd weather.

Its like living in a freezer lol. How much fun can that be???

Amir looks happy-good he had a good time !
Ive been to London many times but always in spring or autumn.

Great photos!

Meme said...

OMG,,,,, i just loved the snow know i thought it easy to make but i was surprised to know it not easy as it looks
good job
have fun

LadyCroc said...

So nice!
We´ve had about 1/2 inch of snow so far here in Denmark. I really miss snow and ice. Nice pictures, mashaAllah.

may said...


الثلج مثير ومنظره مش عادى

وانى من محبين هذا الطقس

مفريز ولا انشاء الله حتى اسكيمو

انت فى نعمة

وجميل البوست

بنكهة الجليد

MusicLover said...

We never had snow like this year since I moved here in 1987. Honestly I was happy because I spend the first three days walking around the city taking photos, I wished it snowed more because I would spend the whole week taking photos, you never get a chance like that. I wish I was in London with all this snow, I envy you plus a Hot Chocolate will do wonders.

These sets were taken by different photographers I assume, click Show Info during the slide to get information of every photo. Note there are 500 photos and they look great in a dark room.

Afro Cuban Jazz Suite

Anglo-Libyan said...

Nasimlibya, it was more enjoyable yesterday, today its messy :o)

Shahrazad, I do not mind the cold, to me better than boiling hot although warm is nice too :o)

Meme, you just roll 2 or 3 big balls of snow, it is quite easy to make a snow man depending on the size you want :o)

LadyCroc (Safia)
a pleasure to see you here again
I wonder if you will be getting the snow, it is moving up north here :o)

Thanks May, it is nice but it does bring problems, no school for the kids again today and transport still bad :o)

Musiclover, I hope inshaAllah you get your wish :o)
we did have a nice hotchocolate yesterday after we came back from the park.

btw all pictures were taken with my new phone but I had to resize them because of their huge size, however I kept the first picture as it is (about 3 MB)

dusk till dawn said...

salam A-LY

as u said it was one of the worst snow fall they had for 18th years, we had it rough too, realy was bad, we had a family visit from cardiff, the little girl love it ,poor me i had to take out all in the snow , the funny thing i saw in london seeing peoples falling down as they are leaving the underground station,they all said as u said how come a city like london comes into stand still?pleased u and Amir had gr8 times ,
most schools closed here too.

MusicLover said...

City of London has no Snow plough and Las Vegas has 14 :-) The Engish must be cheap.

London calling

Great place for photos taken by cellphone.

Forgot to mention the photos on previous comment was about Mosques around the world.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam DTD
poor you lol
I am sure you had a great time though :o)

they almost always get it wrong here, its the wrong kind of snow or rain or... so on :o)

كفيت ووفيت said...

ناسينا في الحر والبرد

on the edge said...

Ah , a lovely winter's wonderland . Everyone needs a snow day now and then , if only to let the child with in out to play . Glade you had a great day !

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