Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Father & Son...

Aida and her mum are in Libya since Sunday due to the death of a close relative of my wife, it was a rush decision, we decided that Aida should go with her to keep her company, so we took a week off her school and next week is half term anyway, they will be away for 2 weeks.
Amir, my lovely little boy is staying with me, he did ask why he was not going to Libya and I told him that they were going to attend a funeral which means a sad event not a holiday, he accepted that and actually was happy to stay with me.
I was a bit worried that he might get upset, especially that he has to go to school while his sister is away, he actually exceeded my expectations of him, MashaAllah, I know it has been only 4 days but he has been so good that I can not describe it, I am enjoying my time with him, I even started playing games on the Wii console with him, something I have never done before as I am really rubbish at video games and tend not to play them, of course he is showing me what to do and how to do it, how do kids learn all these complicated moves?? I am still rubbish at games but he is teaching me.
He had a treat on Sunday when we went to watch Bolt in 3D, it was funny and the graphics were really amazing.
My only problem with him is actually food, I am a bad cook and can hardly cook anything so it has been lots of takeaways which is getting boring, maybe I should try and make something but what if he doesn't eat it :o)
All I can say is Allah bless Amir, he has been as good as gold and he is filling my life with his wicked jokes, laughter, energy and noise, lovely :o)


Shahrazad said...

My deepest condolences to your mrs.......

It seems everybody is dying away here in our wonderland !

Nevertheless many bad situations are made so better ones take place. In this case the bonding of you and Amir and also
good for Aida to be with her mum as well,so she learns a bit about our traditions be they good or bad. That's the price we pay for loving our country!

About food habibi cant you even do a simple omlette with fries and salad??Ask Amir what he likes and work on it,let him join you in the making of whatever you create together,even if its a mess and tastes horrible you'd have a good laugh !If you need any simple recipes I'll be more than willing to send you. I'll email you my email and you can send...


libyan said...

al baqaa lillah.

Hope that you will have even more fun through the next days with your son. Such strange situations show a lot of things that are not clear in the daily life. Somethings we forget to see in the daily routine.

Anonymous said...

لله يحفظه ويفرحك بيه ويجعله وأخته قرة عين لنا جميعا ويوفقهم مسلمين صالحين يارب ياكريم

gheriani said...

My condolences, and ... enjoy your time together.

holyday said...

salam elik
how r u?
this your chance you teaching cook
enjoy with ur family
ur sister
girl from another time

HEBA said...

Albaqaa Lellah

Glad that you're spending this wonderful time with your son, I encourage you to take Shahrazad's advice , it would be fun really.

Ma shaa Allah 3laik , may Allah bless him

Anonymous said...

Life without wife like kitchen without knife...looool

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Shahrazad and yes please do send them but I cant promise that I can make any :o)

Libyan, we are having a great time together :o)

Shukran ya Fadi :o)

we will, thanks Gheriani :o)

Holyday, we are well thank you and I will try to cook :o)

Thanks Heba, I am trying to follow the advice, anyway all is good :o)

anonymous, lol very funny although you do not need a knife if you opt for takeaways :o)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
My regards to Mrs. Anglo-Libyan and family. May Allah keep her and Aida well during their travels.

What an awesome time for you and Amir. It sounds like the male bonding time is going fantastic. You know, perhaps Amir could whip something tasty up in the kitchen if given the task. :0) I let Amira help with doing dinner often---and she makes some crazy stuff, but seeing her excitement and joy while doing it makes it taste pretty good.

Meme said...

البقاء لله عظم الله اجركم
على فكره انحس في روحي ملخبطه شنو هو اللي مقلوب في المدونه؟؟؟

حنان شلبي said...

الله يخليلك ياه يارب

زكرتني ب باباي و ابنو جونيور ههههههههههههه

تحياتي للاب وابنو

abdullah SH said...

1st of all " Albaqaa Lellah bro " wish 2 aida & ur wife save trip inshallah ...

رب ضارة نافعه
ths event making ur eye opening more 2 amir 2 see how mch he grow & b more closer than before even i know u great dad bt somtimes we need " men company " LOL


may said...

سيد انجلو

بغياب زوجتك وابنتك قد يحقق لك فرصة اكتشاف اشياء فيك وفى امير لم تستطيع ان تكتشفها وتشعر بها من قبل...
لذلك اننى على ثقة هذه الايام بذات حتبقى ذكرى حلوة تذكروها مع بعض

وان شاء الله يلتم شمل العائلة على قريب

دمت بخير

وخيتك مى

Nasimlibya said...

نيو لوك بلوني المفضل نهنيك مستر انجلو

عظم الله اجركم في الفقيد ويارب تكون زوجتك الفاضلة وامورتك الحلوة بخير ويرجولك بصحة وسلامة

ها شن امور الامور معاك متعبك ولا من نوع المساعد ؟؟
تجربة فريدة اكيد!!!

وزي مقلت حضرتك

all can i say Allah bless your sweet family

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Ibeebarbie
Amir is already making a mess with me in the kitchen although he thinks he is helping me :o)
thanks a lot and regards to sweet Amira.

thank you and I added another column to my blog somehow, I think thats why it looks upside down :o)

Ahlan Hanan
good to see you :o)

Abdullah Sh
he is a great time with me and I am too :o)

I agree with that, thanks and Ameen :o)

I added another column, I always liked this colour :o)
Amir is still very good and helpful, no trouble at all.
I speak to Aida everyday, strange how less than a week in Benghazi and her Arabic has improved a lot :o)

WEDA said...

salamat firstly albaraka fy rooskom......& nice to felll that ur children are growen up & can understand u more brother....

Romana said...

Slamet rasek Anglo

Luna said...

So sorry dear brother to hear of such sad news.

my deepest condolences to you and your family...

Good times for you and Amir may Allah bless you all,for theses are the quality and sharing times Amir will remember and cherish.

Benghazi Citizen said...

I hope things are fine with you by your self guys..(Boys and their toys):)
I like video games by the way...Kinda of releasing the pressure some times.
Deepest condolces
See you soon

MusicLover said...

Every parent should spend one day with one of the kids with out the siblings around on a regular basis. You learn alot from them, they are happy to have your full attention with out competing with others or fighting, you build a special bond with them and the child will speak freely and also to know what their needs are.

Father spending time with a daughter is very important because it gives them sense of security that a daughter can always go to her parents for help in future specially in case of an abusive marriage ever occurs.

This song always reminds my relationship with my father, it was rocky for the first 24 years of my life, then appreciated him more and also learned to forgive. This song came out when I was a teenager in Lebanon.

Keep the good work with your kids, which I know you do. Are your kids still iceskating :-)

cat stevens - Father & Son

MusicLover said...

a live version

Lolitta's Corner said...

Hi Anglolibyan,

Im a newcomer to blogging but have been reading your super posts though I never commented before.... due to leading a busy life!
I am sorry for your loss and hope that time will healyour grief and sorrow....
my condolences.

on the edge said...

So sorry for the sad event that took your wife and daughter out of town , but am so happy for you and Amir to have this special time all alone together . As the years pass by you will hold this time in your heart as remembrance of his love and innocence .

د. الفيثو said...

الله يحفظكم .وعزائنا في المرحوم . ولتذكره بالوطن ارسل له تحية ورابط مدونة " اطفال ليبيا "

Anglo-Libyan said...

Music Lover
Lolitta's corner, welcome :o)
On the edge
D. Alfitouri, welocme too :o)
thank you all and best wishes to everyone

Shahrazad said...



Please post all is well..


Rose Bud said...

Sorry for your loss. I hope despite the funeral your wife has a good trip.

This is sucha special time for you and your son and he will always remeber this.

Try frozen chicken nuggetts and fries, macaroni and cheese is easy too.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Shahrazad, all is well, I am back :o)

Thanks Rose Bud and a big hug to sweet Sophia, may Allah bless her :o)

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