Monday, 9 March 2009

Blocked Drain!!

Some things in life remind us how time flies so quick, Amir my 8 year old son has asked for his own bedroom, he has had enough of sharing with sister Aida and all her teddy bears, glittery posters, girlie drapes and so on, of course we knew this was coming but he did not complain so much before as they were keeping each other company plus the room he will be moving into is quite small but now it seems its time for him to move, he is exited and cant wait to get it ready. Aida is of course very happy too, at last she gets her own bedroom so all is well for now.
Nothing much exiting has been happening unless trying to unblock a horrible stinky drain is your cup of tea, I tried for hours to unblock the damn thing, I even used the strongest Acid that you can buy but nothing! all I ended up with was stinky arms and clothes, in fact I was so smelly that I nearly threw up many times, yuk, luckily today someone is coming to do the job, poor guy :o)


Today is the funeral of British actress Wendy Richards who was well known as Pauline Fowler in the long running TV soap opera, EastEnders, she died last week of cancer at the age of 65.

While a death is always sad, what I found so false are all the news reports portraying her as a kind nice sweet lady! some years ago when I was working in central London near where Wendy Richards lived, I used to see her walking with her little dog, one day as I was driving to work, I stopped at the zebra crossing to let Wendy Richards cross the road with her dog, as she crossed the road she looked at me so I gave her a huge smile a wave and said hello, this actress is famous for portraying the hard face character she played in EastEnders yet in real life she was no different I think, she actually looked at me with a nasty hard look as if I was something left behind by her precious little dog then she stuck her nose up in the airAlign Centre and walked off completely ignoring me, I thought what a trash! in fact I am sure she has affection for what her little dog left on the pavements of London :o)
Wish InshaAllah that everyone had a Happy Miloud


حنان شلبي said...

مبروك وعقبال ميسير عندو بيت مو بس غرفة

بس جد البنات بيعرفو يلعبوها صح ،عايده صبرت ونالت كانت عارفة انها رح اتطفشو للشب بالاخر وتحتل الغرفة الاكبر هههه تحياتي للبنات المناضلات

في عنا مثل بيحكي اعطي الخبز لخبازو لو اكل نصو،بس المحاولة مو غلط

وكل سنة وانت طيب

Nasimlibya said...

ربي يحفظهملك ويفرحك بيهم كل يوم يكبرو فيه اكثر ماشاء الله عليهم

وميلودك سعيد يارب وسط عائلتك الرائعة

Meme said...

لا ماتقوليش انك قضيت الميلود مع السباك؟؟؟ههههههههه عموما مبروك على امير الدار و كل سنه و انتو طيبين

Shahrazad said...

Kul sena wa inta tayeb ya habib al jamaheer !

Stuck up drains are YUCKY but a must solve prob!
your kids are soooo lucky to have separate bedrooms and will be quite happy to live in their own world so to speak !


Lolitta's Corner said...

Anglolibyan ,

I wouldn't want to be in your shoes ie fixing the drain ..

Your children having separate bedrooms must be grand they wont be able to sleep for the excitement....

Wendy Richards -though it isn't nice to speak of the dead,she was what the Americans cal a tough cookie ! As mean as they come..May God have mercy on her....

naohama said...

Why is it us - Libyan - and blocked drains!!
Look at us whenever there is a wedding or any Monasaba! All the drains and sinks blocked!!
Too much rice and tea leaves for the rain to adjust itself to! :)
Mabrouk for Amir his new cosy throne :)
Now Aida is having more space for her hobbies and study.
Rabi y7'lihm li Papa and Mama.
Happy Mailoud

Luna said...

Hi Al,
Long time no see !
I would ditto Naohama concerning the blocked drains.Libyan DNA or what lol?????
Now that the girls' weddings are approaching Im thinking of the blockage due to happen ,no matter how many times I explain to no throw anything down the drain.......

Amir and Aida have grown up MashaAllah . They are having separate rooms wow .My daughters have shared their bedrooms;lucky one is my son as he had never had to share his bedroom !

I remember EastEnders and Wendy Richards was no nice lady -good pic of her says everything ,no need for extra words ,especially since shes dead.

My mother always says "speak well of the dead,no matter how wicked they were,we should not play God!"
Hope you had a happy Miloud- best wishes to you and your lovely family!

MusicLover said...

I will send you Joe The Plumber :-) to fix your drain.

Gary Moore - Picture of the Moon

may said...

مبارك عليك الميلود

انت والاسرة الكريمة

رغم انها متاخرة شوية

ارجو ان تقبلها منى

وخيتك مى

Weldemdina said...

Kul sana wenta tyeeb
I think the best investment you would is to join British gas service which would cover any gas or plumbing and you could called as many time as you want, they clear drains fix taps, check the gas and boiler and fix and replace parts all this at £16, its all worth it believe me, much better than paying a cowboy £50 for his call out just to see the problem not even fixing it.

My son used to be in a box room and he used to complain about it all the time as he wants all his gadgets, books and wii counsel in bigger space , he asked for more space and he managed to have that when his sister started her university and moved to the campus, and straight away he made it his own room and now asking for a different wall paper design, new furniture.. etc.. all that has to wait for now I am afraid, now I am thinking of converting the loft to another room, as his sister will be demanding her own room back when she finishes her studies :)

Maya M said...

I understand why I felt offended by the actress, but don't you think that it may have been just what people today call cultural difference? The "stiff upper lip".

Maya M said...

I meant "why YOU felt offended", of course.

on the edge said...

Aw , those nasty drains . Top of The Day , always call a expert when it cones to these sort of things . Life is just too short to mess around with stinky stuff . lol ! That made me sad to read about Wendy . I was a Eastender-aholic when we could get it .Hard to believe she was so rude .

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks everyone for the comments, a delight to read as usual :o)

I have to agree here with Naohama and Luna
us Libyans and blocked drains do go together :o)

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