Wednesday, 18 March 2009

The English Gentleman

We are having a good weather spell at the moment, it really does feel like spring after one of the coldest winters in many years, the kids have been enjoying using the skateboard and their scooters in the park, as for me I hardly got the energy to run around with them, just about sit on the bench and watch them play, it must be my age!

Yesterday I took Amir to his first Taekwondo lesson, he wasn't sure about it but after the lesson he said he enjoyed it so much and will inshaAllah continue with lessons every Tuesday, the training is given by a very friendly Afghani guy at a local community centre and is completely free, paid by the local council and you only pay a small amount of money for the uniform, most of the kids were Arab boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 16, I wonder how many of their parents slag off the British system while at the same time enjoy all the free benefits this country offers them, including teaching their children self defence? unfortunately many people in this country and in this case I am mainly talking about Muslims who do nothing but criticise Britain and its system! while they sit on their big bottoms all day long doing nothing but watching crap TV and eating, no wonder so many are so unhealthy and over weight, yet they have no shame in getting every penny the benefit system allows them to have, even vouchers to get free milk for their kids, many cheat the system to make sure they get the maximum amount of money while at the same time they think of themselves as devout good Muslims and keep lecturing the rest of us about what is Haram and what is Halal, this has gone too far with almost all every day things are becoming Haram, I wonder where it will stop! perhaps soon we will be told that breathing English air is Haram, God help us.

While I was sitting inside the community centre waiting for Amir to finish his lesson, this old English gentleman came over and said hello, he asked why I was there and I told him about Amir, then he told me that he trains young boys to play football in this centre, he has been doing it for over 40 years, he is 79 years old, still very fit and was a delight to talk to, he chatted to me for the next hour, told me about his life since he was born in Paddington in London and how he fought the Germans during world war 2, he even told me about the members of his family that died during the war, his story was very fascinating, a living history, during all of this he never sat down once or was out of breath, I felt ashamed of my self for being so unfit compared to this nice man, he only stopped talking when Amir finished his lesson, I thanked him and told him that I wish to have the opportunity to listen to his interesting stories again and soon, I look forward to that.


dusk till dawn said...

salam .A-ly
its nice to see some nice weather at last , we just been shopping ,aout and about, and yes my wife did make me skint,
so please to see Amir doing and enjoying self defence , it will be good for him in the long run, and it will make him so respected man,
abt a our loving muslim brothers ,ur rite they can cause who trying to respect them. and lover every thing id freeby, i think they have too nuch time in their hands ,they do not know what to do with it, we all know whats hallal and whats haram,
iam so happy for u to meet such a great man and have a chat , do fit woooooooooow, what happend to u anglo?get in shape , i do some sports when i have time,
hows job hunting going bro?
next thing Amir will be a famous footballer inshalla

NuNa said...

wat will u say f c guys here ? they are lazy and unfit and they are between 15- 30. as i met and new them. me 2

MusicLover said...

Does your daughter take Taekwondo? I am huge believer that daughters should learn Martial Arts because you never know they might end up in abusive marriage plus also for self esteem.

Kill Bill - Ballroom Blitz

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello DTD
good to see you again and thank you :o)

salam Nuna and welcome to my blog :o)

MusicLover, Aida refused to take Taekwondo, both her mum and myself tried to encourage her, we even took her to have a look but she is very girly at the moment, hope she changes her mind soon :o)

Luna said...

Hi Al,
Good for Amir to take Taekwondo ,he'll become a brave and disciplined young chap-you should too Al ,ie do Taekwondo > Here you'll be sahring a sport with your son and nothing can beat that !I have just started taking lessons ,never know when it might come in handy ,and Im not as young as Amir lol..never too late to to do anything your heart desires-keeping fit form is my first and only priority,cause when a person is in tip top shape he /feels good and this in return will be passed on.

"What goes around comes around !"
Isnt it funny or a mere coincidence that these so called Muslims who lecture the harams are the most haram doers ;if there is such a word lol.

A belief is a personal matter and should only be up to set his/her boundaries.

"Never confuse the faith with the supposedly faithful."
Randy K. Milholland, Comic, 10-19-06

What a lovely gent,I love hearing stories wherever I go ( dental and doctors appointments , queuing at the bank) ,especially from the elderly, who sometimes have no one to listen to them!SIGH!

May Allah Bless you and your family always!

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

Mabrook to Amir! You do realize what this means don't you habibi-----it means you'll need to be on the straight and narrow otherwise Amir might have to give a little attitude!

With regards to the situation you spoke of with foreigners abusing the system, I believe their relatives are here in the states as well. I'll share an example. This woman who works in the Welfare System now known as Health and Human Services because "Welfare" is too degrading of a name-----OH PLEASE! Anyway, I digress. This woman was sharing that she had this East-Indian client coming in wanting Welfare money for he and his family. He owns a business and made over $3 million dollars last year, BUT because his income taxes show after all his "deductions" that his bottom line about earned was ZERO he was legally eligible for assistance. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? Certainly a shame is in order for this guy applying and receiving such funds as well as shame on the system for allowing this. On the other hand, I attempted at one time to apply for Amira and I after I lost my job and was struggling dearly and I did not receive any help. Go figure! Perhaps I should slip the East Indian a few bucks to get me "in".

Shahrazad said...

Anglo habibi -
Amir taking Taekwondo hhmmmmm ,is this a Libyan thing or what ??? My nephews do as well !Here it has become the in thing to do especially during the summer holidays.
OLd folks are my favourite people- my grandma has friends(lebanese) and I always visit with her ..they are so much fun ,not to tell of the stories of their

Great post and funny pic of the gentleman !

Benghazi Citizen said...

I think martial arts are good for kids..It teaches them decipline and give them self respect and high self steem.
I like listening to old people talking about old days..I was blessed once ,years ago ,to sit with a number of very old people ,who witnessed the life of our Omar Elmokhtar when they were really young..I loved the stories they told.
Well,about those system abusers..It is weired..It is reminded me of that SHEIKH (I believe it's the blind one with lost hands because of a bomb!) who kept attacking the british system for years ,I think he almost declared Jihad or some thing.. Ironically enough ,this man fled Egypt and found refuge in Britain ,which protected him from being excuted by Egyptian authority for accusation of terrorism.. Well ,I think they got rid of him now ,to the states?? i am not quite sure..
Well,,,Excellent post as usual
See u soon

BuJassem said...

nice story.. you know i can tell you, english air is 100% halal (so far!)

by the way, i always wanted to be an old english gentleman.. don't ask why!

S.S.Ali said...

السلام عليكم

هذا اول تعليق لي في مدونتك و صدقني انا متابع لهذه المدونة منذ عام 2006 اي منذ بدايتها.... و لكن ترددت انا اعلق على اي موضوع رغم استمتاعي بقراتها جميعا دون استثناء...

you're right, we also have the same people here. they just do nothing except saying: this haram, and this is halal. and they forgot the main principle " start with yourself!!".

ah yes, I would say that I have been learning from your blog a lot of English vocabularies and expressions.

Thank you!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello Luna
the classes are for children under 16, I wouldnt mind if they take me :o)
usually when talking to older people you know you will learn something, thank you so much.

salam ibeebarbie
I will have to watch out for Amir from now on :o)

thanks for sharing that story, even here the benefit system is changing because of those cheats and many genuine people are loosing out, shame on them.

Ahlan Shahrazad
I didnt know about it being popular in Libya too :o)

I wonder if your grandmother knows my mother, both being Lebanese :o)

BC, hi and yes thats what I am hoping Amir woul learn.
occasionally I get the chance to talk to an old Libyan person and it is always great, shame I do not get this chance a lot because of living here.

the person you mentined is captain hook, Abu Hamza, he was one of the worst and he did a lot to tarnish the image of Muslims in this country, he is in prison and will or is already sent to the USA for more criminal trials.

BuJasse, really good to see you again, hope all is well, thanks for the English air fatwa lol

SS. Ali
big welcome to you and thanks a lot :o)
your English sounds good.

غيداء said...


كلـ عام ووالدتك وأم أولادك بصح ة وخير وسلامة

تمنياتي لهم بعيد سعيد

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you sister Ghaida and best wishes to you and your family too.

on the edge said...

You are a lovely English gentleman, my dear , too .You may never know how you brightened that mans day just by listening to him talk . You will sadly discover for yourself that the older you become , the less the world wants to listen to you talk . How nice of you to take the time to listen .

I have a brother in law that has lived in England for 30 years now . For the last 20 he has lived on the welfare system there , even though he holds more than 3 English University degrees and is healthy and could work if he wasn't so lazy .Did I mention he was a "GOOD MUSLIM" THAT THINKS it is a disgrace to take charity ? Go figure . And he has a home there in England , paid for by the English government and a home here in Libya .