Thursday, 30 April 2009

Dudu No More!

Dudu the tame budgie has moved on! he was found at the bottom of his cage with his legs facing the sky, he was the kid's pet and they loved the fact that he flew around the room and landed on their shoulders and fingers, he was a bit annoying at times as he liked picking on our ears but he was cute and fun, the kids cried their eyes out, I was not there when it happened but got a phone call telling me that Dudu is no more! with lots of crying and tears, later on when I was home, Dudu was not there anymore, I asked Aida what did you do with him? she said they wrapped him in a plastic bag and put him in the rubbish bin!! I burst out laughing, I told the kids that after all those tears I expected a dignified burial in the garden, they looked embarrassed but at least they laughed a lot and cheered up after this sad event.


Few days ago I decided it was time to upgrade my video copy of the film Lion Of The Desert which tells the story of the struggle of Libyan people headed by Omar Al-Mokhtar against the Italian occupiers, I thought it was about time to get the DVD so I checked Amazon and they had a double disk version containing Lion of the Desert and The Message together and at only £5.28p what a bargain! today I received the pack, I cant wait to watch both movies again, it has been many years since I have seen any of them.

Music Lover sent me the link to the following video recently, its called London 10 Quirky Places, I thought it was really good as it was full of little secrets that many of us living in London had no idea about, my favourite secret is the tiny replica of St. Paul's cathedral attached to the side of Vauxhall Bridge:

if you know London, you will like this


naohama said...

I am sorry for Dudu! Cheer up Aida!
Our Lion of Desert is the best film ever that always enliven our national ego higher!
Allah yar7m Sidi A3mr Alm7'tar.

Highlander said...

Sorry for your loss Anglo :( seems not to be a good year for pets !

I love London so the tips are so welcome thank you.

MusicLover said...

World Music

Make sure when you read the article, click on this

"You can watch and listen on"

You better haave an hour to listen :-)

Free Bird

When you get HDTV and Blue Ray Discs of the two films, invite me to watch them because it will be quiet a while I will buy these 2 gadgets :-)

دعما للحملة الوطنية للتبرع بالأعضاء said...

انجلو نتمنى ان تشاركنا في اسبوع التدوين دعما للحملة الوطنية للتبرع بالأعضاء من أجلهم وأجلنا

وتنفيذا لرغبة بعض المدونين من أجل تمديد وقت اطول لتجهيز مشاركتهم سيمتد الدعم لمدة اسبوع آخر


الفريق الإعلامي

Lolitta's Corner said...
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Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about that!
you will have to find a dudu 2 for the kids...H.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you
Music lover
donor donation campaign
Lolitta's corner and
actually this was Dudu2, Dudu1 kicked the bucket in 2000 :o)

a_akak said...

I love watching "Lion Of The Desert" and have recently gave a DVD to a friend of mine as a presnet and when she watched it she was so impressed

Fe Aman Allah

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