Sunday, 24 May 2009

Britain, So Talented!

These are the 40 semi finalist acts of Britain's Got Talent 2009, you can see Susan Boyle in the middle of the picture behind Ant & Dec!
8 finalists performed live tonight, 2 of my favourite acts were among them, the first one was Sue Son who plays the violin beautifully, here is her performance tonight which I thought was fantastic but unfortunately she did not make it as her act did not qualify for the next stage:
If the video does not play then please click on the following link

Of course the whole world has been waiting for Susan Boyle's next performance after the massive success worldwide of her first audition.
We all waited eagerly for her, many watched tonight's show just to see and hear Susan Boyle! She sang live tonight and what a choice for a song! she sang Memory from the Musical "Cats", she must have been very nervous knowing that the world is watching, she even had a makeover and looked a lot better but her nerves got her a bit at the beginning of the song, the start was a bit rough but being the strong person she is, she composed herself and gave a great performance, she really nailed it at the end, obviously she qualified to the next round, the final act that will win this year will be chosen on Saturday, Enjoy:

If the video does not play then please click on the following link


MusicLover said...

Thank you informing in advance regarding this show, I was searching for it to post it but you beat me to the punch :-) It is really nioe of you to introducing your readers to many interesting topics and being a gentleman in giving credit to whom it deserves not like other Libyan bloggers who ONLY thank Libyan bloggers and not the readers. It seems that Libyan bloggers think that they are in exclusive club, forgetting that the readers are the ones who keep the blog alive not their fellow bloggers. This attitude in general it backfires, if they want to kiss up to each other please do it on Facebook or through your personal emails.

Baaba Maal African Woman

Living Away said...

i just can't hold my tears every time i heard that lady singing. her voice is so angelical! and looking at her i reaffirm my position that every single thing has its own time. we just must be patient!

Anglo-Libyan said...

you are welcome MusicLover
I know this post isnt to some people's taste but I knew you would like it and I usually write about what I like :o)

Susan Boyle reached Taiwan!!
glad you enjoyed the song :o)

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