Thursday, 21 May 2009

Gruesome Gardening!

We all laugh when we see pictures in Libya, Egypt and other countries of spelling mistakes with English names but they do get it wrong here too, I mean Burger King is a massive company with a lot of money to spend on advertising, you would think they would hire some one to write the word YES correctly in Arabic! instead they just put the Arabic letters next to each other without connecting them, its like writing the word YES this way: Y.E.S, in Arabic this is wrong!

Every year at this time you know it is time to tidy up the garden, after a long and cold winter without cutting the grass, the garden looks a right mess with long grass everywhere, I am still waiting for the weather to dry up few days before I attempt to maw the grass.
Few days ago the kids went out in the garden with their cousins to play, that evening after I came back home, Amir was very excited and could not wait to tell me, he said: Baba, we found a skeleton in the garden, I think its a dead fox!
I didn't take him that seriously but he insisted, he said it had sharp teeth and you can even see the ribs!
There is a family of foxes that is living at the end of the garden, we leave them alone as we hardly use the garden in winter and they usually leave after their cubs are old enough.
Any way, next morning I went out in the garden with kids, led by Amir while Aida was hiding behind me and ... well it was a long dead fox!! it looked quite gruesome, I am not sure if it was one of the fox family or an intruder that was attacked, killed and eaten!
(click to enlarge)

look at these sharp teeth

that's what is left of the body!


tripoline said...

Looks like it may have been pulled from both ends by two animals. The nerd-in-me thinks that skeleton preparation may be in order. Nasty as this may be, some kids might find it interesting...or is it just me? lol

Living Away said...

wow, a fox's family in a garden in london? that's something unpredictable for me!

dusk till dawn said...

salam bro

i think the time has come to take Amir seriously he was spot on, poor Mr fox was badly beaten and savagely eaten , about the aribic writting its funny ن ع م it could be read as معن too .hope the weather will be kind enough for u to clear it up , and no big surprises ,only if its a treasure , take care

Anglo-Libyan said...

I think its just you! lol
thanks for the link.

Hello Leandra
foxes are very common in London, they call them Urban foxes and many people think of them as pests.
they live on people's rubbish and are every where, you can see them walking the streets of London in the evening!

salam DTD
I will take him seriously from now :o)
I would love to find a treasure, a big one inshaAllah just like in films lol
good to see you

Maya M said...

Perhaps the "Y.E.S." was designed by some bold reformer of written Arabic who thinks that writing letters separately would improve reading speed.

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