Monday, 18 May 2009

The Screaming Pepper!!

Even though I am a very bad cook and can hardly make any food, I do like watching reality cooking programs such as Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and Come Dine With Me, last night I watched come dine with me which is a program where they bring 4 or 5 people that never met before and then each one has to prepare a dinner feast for the others, they all have to rate the food and how the evening went at the end of each evening, the person with the highest score wins the competition and a £1000 prize money.
Last night's episode had a Vegan lady, vegans do not eat or use any animal products including dairy and fish, mainly for animal rights reasons. I myself do believe in animal rights and do agree that food animals are kept in awful conditions all over the world including here in the UK but I do get a bit angry when vegans start to have a go at people that eat meat, calling them animal murderers and cruel and so on.... I myself am not a great red meat eater, I usually prefer white meat but eating meat and animal products is natural for human beings, we were created that way and as this annoying woman mentioned, she has to take supplements to compensate for the lack of eating meat and animal products, taking a lot of supplement tablets can not be that natural! of course all the contestants in this episode had to make her a vegan dinner while they enjoyed fish, roast lamb and venison.
When the vegan woman saw the roast lamb, she said it was like somebody chopping off their arm, roasting it and serving it to people! I always respect people's opinion even if I do not agree with it but expect the same in return and I thought she was a hypocrite, she even has a cat in her house that she feeds on cat food which is mostly meat! so if she believes that cats naturally have to eat meat, well then people have to eat meat too!
She didn't win the competition, her food was OK but not that good.
This brings me to a story that I read many years ago, I am sure it was meant to be as a joke as I remember laughing when reading it.
A vegetarian scientist invented a machine that discovered that vegetables produce some sort of chemical when they are being chopped off which he says is similar to what people and animals produce when they are in pain!
i.e. the vegetables screamed with pain when he chopped them off! he said that he started eating meat straight away after this discovery :o)
You never know, perhaps soon we will have societies for the welfare and anti-cruelty to vegetables! what would we eat then......


Meme said...

a screeming vegetables??? well that's scary!

anyway regarding those vegetarian ppl ..i sometimes feel sorry for the animals and i guess if i was not muslim i would probably be a vegetarian..even though i really enjoy eating red meat

Luna said...

Hi Al !

Neat topic as usual thanks.

Those of us who enjoy eating red meat are thought of being "carnivores" so another craze shows up ie "vegetarianism,"then as that diet still consisted of animal fat included another phase set in that of becoming " vegan,"it being the in thing to be !duh ???

Now we have crying veggies lol Im sorry for being not showing any respect concerning veggies who shed tears but this is absolutely insane ! What next I wonder ??


Benghazi Citizen said...

Hello dear anglo..long time ,huh?
Wel..I respect people opinions too..What they eat is entirely up to them ,as long as no body force me to share some specific meals i knew about a while ago...brrrrr..
But yes ,i can't help but wandering: it is not natural not to eat an entire class of food (animal products)..i am against cruelity my self ,and i have to admit here that i never attend the morning procedure in Eid Eladha( although it is perfectly ok for me to attend surgical operation) ..But no animal products at all ? no meat? even medically ,this is not
Well ,Who knows ,they may start extracting the necessary supplements from dirt and rocks and inorganic materials in the future ( Plastic-burger) sounds intersting..i wander how will it
Best regards..

Anglo-Libyan said...

Meme, I am sure that you can be a vegetarian and Muslim at the same time if you wish so :o)

Hello Luna
exactly, what next?
all those poor vegetables lol

BC, salam long time for sure
hope all is well with you.
I think plastic burger will become a reality soon :o)
we do have fake meat here which is made from some sort of fungus (mushrooms) I was told that it tastes good, havent tried it yet though :o)

soreal said...

the whole logic behind veganism is totally flawed
vegs are living organisms, what makes them less special than animals
why its ok to eat vegs but not animals?
following the vegan logic, the less hypocritical thing to do is not to eat at all... which is not logical at all :P

i think when it comes to eating, one should advocate ethical eating.. eat what u need, dont waste resources, be kind to fellow creatures who provide u with what u need to live... make something out of ur life that worth the price ur food has to pay.. be thankfull :)

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