Monday, 8 June 2009

A Day At The Museum....

I mentioned before that Amir, my son, is learning about the ancient Egyptians here, so when he had a day off school last week because of the local elections, I thought it would be good to take him to the British Museum, this museum is only British by name but definitely not by contents!, we did not have enough time to tour all of the museum and decided to only visit Ancient Egypt gallery and outside of Egypt you can not find a better collection of Egyptian antiquities than this museum, the amount of Egyptian artifacts here is so massive, some of the statues are so big it makes you wonder how the British brought them to this country, of course this museum has problems with some countries around the world as these countries are saying that their antiquities were stolen and must be returned to their original countries, these include Egyptian, Roman, Greek artifacts and others, including the famous Greek Elgin Marbles, on a visit to this museum many years ago, I saw a miniature statue of Septimus Severus in the Roman gallery, the information said that it was found in Leptis Magna in Libya.

Once an English gentleman told me while he was winking, that the Egyptian antiquities were not stolen but given to the British as a gift by the Egyptian government at the time, then he added that the British were ruling Egypt then and so they gave the gifts to themselves!

I myself am a supporter of any country that is trying hard to get back what belongs to them and do feel uncomfortable when I visit the British museum, saying that, countries have the responsibilities to look after their heritage and need to make sure that they are displayed properly and protected, I visited the Egyptian museum in Cairo some years ago and I really thought it was a disaster waiting to happen, it was over flowing with antiquities, most displayed wrongly and packed next to each other, it was untidy and it seemed all they were interested in was getting as many tourists as possible inside without any thoughts about safety, my daughter was young then and in a pram, we had to leave after about one hour because the crowd was unbearable, we could hardly move inside yet as we left we saw hundreds of tourists standing at the front with more coaches bringing more tourists and at the door they just kept letting everyone in!

Britain has a responsibility to return what does not belong to them legally although this is not going to happen just yet although I must say that the British museum does display everything in a fantastic organised and very safe way.

I am not sure what the state of museums is like in Libya but do hope that they are at least well organised (is that wishful thinking?)

Here are some pictures:

This is the famous Rosetta Stone
The next section was Amir's favourite, actually it seems to be every one's favourite section, the life and death section that includes many mummies:

Amir is fascinated by skulls at the moment just like many boys of his age, you can even see skulls all over his T.shirt!

This is the newer section of the British museum, its a huge round court yard with glass roof, it contains gift shops and cafes, amazing architecture.


may said...

السلام عليكم

سيد انجلو تدوينة روعة بصراحة المتحف جميل جدا والصورة عجبونى على الاخر

على فكرة صورة اثار الفراعنة اكثر حاجة قعدت نتفرج ونعاود عليهم

بصراحة انى شخصيا لما نزور اى بلاد اجنبى اول حاجة نفكر نزورها فيه المتحف !!

ان شاء الله استمتعتم برحلة عبر التاريخ زى ما ستمتعت انى خلال مدونتك

سلامى الى العائلة الكريمةوخصوصا امير


Αρετή Κυρηνεία said...

بالنسبة للمتاحف فى بلادنا أعتقد ان بقاء مايخص ليبيا من آثار فى متاحفها الغربية افضل ، رغم غرابة هذا الرأى الا انه افضل فهى لن تجد الا الاهمال ، والمتاجرة بها من جديد..فى مدينة كبنغازى(ثانى اهم مدينة ليبية) لا يوجد بها اى متحف رسمى يضم ما يتم استخراجه من يوسبريدس ، اما فى طلميثة الميناء الاغريقى الهام فستجد متحف صغير يكاد لا يتسع لمحتوياته ، وكلما ابتعدت اكثر ستفاجىء بواقع اليم جداااااا، المتحف البريطانى يضم فى قاعات عرضه او فى مخازنه تحف اثرية من جميع أنحاء العالم وقد استحقوها بجدارة لانهم يعرفون كيف يدافعون ويحافظون بشدة على مايحصلون عليه ..شكرا على التدوينة

Luna said...

Good quality time with Amir for that is what he'll remember....

Great shots and excellent post Al ,thanks for sharing.

Museums in Libya ?? Will get back to you on that one after Ive been if Im still here ie and not taken to Tajura lol.Please send me card or better still pay me a visit hmmmmm for get the last one lol unless you'd want to join the club or what was known as aunties house!


MusicLover said...

First I thought you were writing about the film "Night at the Museum",then I came back to your blog few days later and still I did not pay attention to the title of your post, then I find photos of Egyptian statues, then I read it was " A day at the Museum" :-), very interesting subject.

Another famous museum is

Egyptian Museum of BerlinÄgyptisches_Museum_Berlin

Museo Egizio

MusicLover said...

Here is a video of a cellist whom I like a lot

abdullah SH said...

seems nice trip 2 wonderful place espechialy 4 kids like amir ...

wish enjoying there both of u

salam bro

HEBA said...

Salam Alaikom

I enjoyed the journey through this post and photographs.

ناجي الزوي said...

الف الف مبروك الفوز بافضل تدوينة

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you May
glad you enjoyed the post.

Αρετή Κυρηνεία
welcome to my blog, I like your name :o)
I think many would agree with your opinion, here in the west they do respect and look after the stuff they took, saying that, I still believe it should returned to its original place where it should be looked after but I know this is not the case in some countries such as Libya!

hello Luna
if I visit you in your Aunties house I am worried that I might have to stay there for a long time too lol

Music lover, thanks for the links, interesting
regarding the cellist, there were many videos on the page and I could not find it!

salam Abdullah sh and thank you

Alikum salam Heba
thanks for visiting

ناجي الزوي
welcome to my blog
I think you put your comment in the wrong blog, I did not win any blog competition! :o)

MusicLover said...

30 Street pianos across London this summer.

Touring the globe since March 2008, Jerram's artwork Play Me I'm Yours comes to London this summer. Located in parks, public squares, train stations, bus stops and even on ferries the pianos are there for anyone to play, decorate and claim ownership. is for everyones films, photos and stories.

I was just reading and I was going to post it but I remembered that your readers specially the ones who live in London might be interested in this, it is great for kids, hope you will post photos of pianos from your camera :-) when you go on tour with your kids.