Sunday, 25 October 2009

Get Stuffed!!

In a area in north London called Angel, I usually drive by a weird shop that sells or hires stuffed animals! its a grubby shop and usually when driving by I can spot large animals inside such as ostrich and zebra, the other day as I was driving by, Amir my son spotted the shop and asked me if we can stop and have a look so I thought why not, I too always wanted to have a look and this was my chance, we parked the car and walked over to the shop but unfortunately it was closed, I am not sure if it is closed for good or just for the day, the shutters were down which made looking inside the shop and taking pictures difficult but still we managed to spot many animals inside and just about managed to take few photos through the shutters, that is why pictures are not clear, they had a sign saying no photography was allowed but there was no one there to stop me!
(Click on pictures for a bigger view)

in this picture there is a lion and a hippo's head!

Unsurprisingly the name of this is... yes you guessed it right:

Taxidermy (stuffing animals) must be a dying tradition and the truth is that these animals do look quite freaky and there is no way that I would put one in my house, I think this shop mainly hire their animals as props for movies and shows and so on......

Staying on the subject of stuffed animals, yesterday (Saturday) I took the kids to the Natural History Museum we travelled by train which added fun to the day, the museum was very busy being a Saturday and school's half term holiday, there was a long Que outside and once we were inside, the place was jammed even though we got there early, we only managed to go through half of the museum in 3 hours, it has been many years since I went there and it had changed a lot, the most popular exhibit was the Dinosaurs area but there was a Que of few hundred people trying to get in, by then we were tired and the kids didn't want to stand in the Que so we gave it a miss, hopefully we will come back another time when its quieter.

The last of the Dodo which has been extinct for hundreds of years


The X Factor which has taken over British TV as it does every year at this time is in full swing, from what I have watched so far there aren't many talents this year but I do like 2 girls that seem to be talented and do have a good voice, one of them is Lucy Jones who comes from Wales, she has given good performances so far and I think she has a chance of winning the x factor this year, here she is singing My Funny Valentine on last night's show, very classy:

Here is the link to the song in case the above video does not work


khadeja said...

next time dont go through the big entrance there is a side door on exhibition road there is hardly any lines at that side
nice blog :)
oh yeah and since im a geology person u have to take them to see the volcanoes and earthquakes and rocks

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello Khadija
actually when we were there at the front entrance a steward came over and directed us and others to the side entrance which as you said has less lines.
my 8 year old son is a geology person too and we started at the top where all the rocks and volcanos are, he loved since he has a collection of small rocks at home, shame it was too dark there to take pictures :o)

Benghazi Citizen said...

I love museums very much. I enjoy being there ,and obviously I LOVE DINOSAURS section ,lol. I spent 5 hours in Ontario Royal Museum ,and i left only on closure..
Be well
see you

Benghazi Citizen said...

I love museums very much. Specially dinosaurs section.. Just amazing.
Be well dear friend.

Anonymous said...

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