Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Halal Food!!

Halal food is becoming more and more the norm in London, where ever you go there are shops and restaurants selling halal food, even most primary schools now offer only halal food as standard and it is becoming acceptable by most people, in fact many people I know have admitted that they do prefer the taste of halal meat and appreciate the fact that it doesn't contain blood.
Many well known food outlets now offer halal branches, halal Nando's and Subway are every where in London, I actually think that the halal branches are more than non halal branches and I think it wont be long before most places here will offer halal food.
On the other hand I myself do occasionally go to some fast food restaurants for a non-halal burger like the Angus burger at Burger King which is not available in a halal version and I believe since Britain is officially a Christian country then we have a licence to say Besmellah (in the name of Allah) and eat non halal meat, many years ago I was at some one's house and one of London's highest Islamic clerics was there, I asked him if it was OK to eat non halal food, he told me that while preference is for halal food that if I fancy something that wasn't available as halal then I should go ahead and eat it and that's what I do sometimes, it is common sense, for example in an area called Wood Green in London there are 2 Subway restaurants within 100 meters of each other, one is halal the other is not, in this case I wouldn't go to the non halal Subway when the other one is only few minutes away.

So the other day I had a discussion with friends who weren't convinced that I should eat non halal food and they thought I should only stick to halal food and so on...
The day after I was in a busy high street here in London, at lunch time I felt hungry and fancied a burger at Burger King, as I was walking towards the restaurant I noticed this new hut selling burgers and hot dogs, all food was advertised as Halal, it looked clean so I thought I will try it, I went there and saw a man inside cooking burgers on a hot plate, I stood there trying to get his attention but instead of serving me he was looking at a girl who was wearing a muffin top, he kept whistling at her and doing funny things with his eyes with no respect for me what so ever, he looked north African and was young enough to be my son, I thought to myself this is not going well but kept myself calm and waited for him to serve me, eventually he turned to me and asked what I wanted! since it has been many years since I had hot dog, I ordered a hot dog even though I wasn't sure if I really wanted it, he put the hot dog in a bun and I told him to put some mustard on it, by then a friend of his passed and they both spoke in Arabic/Algerian, as he handed me the hot dog an old English lady came over and ordered something, I paid him and walked off. I took a bite of the hot dog and it was stone cold and really disgusting, I got angry but still kept calm and thought no I am not going to let it go, I walked back to the hut and spoke to the guy in Arabic so to be discreet, I told him the food was cold, he became angry and started shouting so I said to him, listen I am speaking to you in Arabic so that I don't put off your customers, by then there was a Que of about 6 or 7 people and told him to taste the food that it was stone cold but no he wouldn't accept it and kept shouting and saying his food is good and that I was nasty to him and so on that's when I told him that perhaps if he wasn't ogling the girl and paid attention to cooking then his food would be hot (still speaking in Arabic to him) he continued shouting back in English and said he didn't want my custom so I said in English, fine just give me back my money which he did while swearing at me, that's when I really had enough of him, I turned to the people queuing and told them not to buy anything from him that his food was cold and disgusting and that is why I got my money back, they all looked at me and walked off so fast! he went mad and was screaming abuse at me in the middle of a busy high street, I smiled at him and walked away, I don't think someone like him would become successful, he had no customer service or any manners, me! I went to Burger King for a well deserved Angus Burger, Yum...

Staying on the subject of food, here is a channel on Youtube about Libyan Cooking, they are posted By Libyan Jews living in Italy and Libyan recipes from Italian TV (La cucina tripolina) cooked mainly by old Libyan Jewish ladies, very interesting to watch, here is a video about cooking Libya's national dish: BAZIN


Weldemdina said...

Good on you my friend, I would do the same thing with him, but I won’t speak to him in Arabic, because when you do that , they would treat you like dirt even though you paying them cash, you get no manners or courtesy from Arab traders, I would just speak to him in English and make him feel small. I don’t trust those places even though they have the word Halal everywhere and stamped on everything, I been to so many so called Halal shops and next to it they sell alcohol and bacon/ rashers! Even my son looked at the back of ‘Haribo’ sweets sold in the well known Green Valley mini market off Edgware Road, he said’ look dad this written on it Pork gelatine, I would rather starve then eat from these outlets.
I read some article regarding McDonald going Halal in UK and they are conducting trials in Southall branch, so I guess it won’t be long before we see it implemented in every branch everywhere, and the rest of name list like BK, KFC, etc will follow.

ليبية وافتخر said...

السلام عليكم اخ ناصر
والله احسن ما درتله :)))
اما بخصوص الفيديو فالمراه مش ليبية يا ودي من لهجتها باين انها تونسية ...شكلك ليك هلللللللللبة ع اللهجة الليبية لين مش مفرقها من التونسية...ع كل الاحوال كلنا عرب ..لكن ف ليبيا البازين يديرو فيه بدقيق الشعير ..لكن المراه دارت عصيدة بمرقة اللحم؟؟؟؟؟
شكرا ع البوست..سلام

Anglo-Libyan said...

good to see you :o)
the only reason I went to this outlet because I thought lets eat something halal! wont be doing that in a hurry lol
The Green Valley market is not a Muslim shop, its owned by a Christian Lebanese family, that is probably why they stock pork products on the other hand, as you know, most Asian shops sell pork and alcohol lol.

ليبية وافتخر
Alikum Alsalam
as far as I know, Libyan Jews spoke with an accent that is similar to Tunisian Arabic, the program did mention Libya many times and if you check the channel, its all about Libyan food cooked by Libyan Jews, yes I agree the Bazin looked like 3asida with sauce!!
Thanks for the comment :o)

Anonymous said...

good to see you blogging again.
I would have done the same. And it's a shame that he acted the way he did.
As for the youtube video, the woman is Jewish there's no questioning about that.
Anonymous is probably from a generation who never heard spoken libyan Jewish.
As for the flour I guess it is a matter of availability, Barley flour is not available everywhere.

It looks like the cooking session is taking place in Israel.H.:))

Luna said...

Al- great post as usual!

I always speak in English wherever I go and find that Im better served even in Tripoli ,the same applies!

Impressive Bazeen job will show it to my trainees ,thanks!

When in London before there was any Halal food back when I was 12 which was 10 years ago lol,Id queue for the KOSHER food stuffs at Self ridges yep ,with all those religious braided long haired bearded Jews who thought I was a terrorist lol and Id be wearing hejab to top it off LOL you can imagine how they felt Id even try to chit chat some who were less narrow minded lol

Have a great weekend !
salamat to your lovely wife and beautiful kids !

Anonymous said...

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اما عن الشريط ففعلا هو عائلة يهودية تقيم في ايطاليا على مااعتقد ولكن اضكتني في مقطع حيث تقول ان البازين يتم طبخه بمناسبة العام الجديد وكذلك شافوت او Shavout ,وهو اليوم الذي يحتفلوا به بمناسبة اعطاء الله التوراة لموسى في جبل سيناء وتقول انهم اكلو في قصعة ولذا البازين يجمعهم كما تجمعوا هم في ذاك المكان ثم علق الرجل وقال البازين هو الجبل, حتى الاكل يريدون تهويده , الحمد لله انه اراحنا من وجودهم في بلدنا.

on the edge said...

What an adventure ! You did the correct thing . I hate it when I have money for merchandise and not treated with courtesy . It is like they think they are doing you a favor by waiting on you . More and more people need to stand up to this sort of thing more often .

BuJ said...

This post is brilliant :) that guy selling the hotdog is an idiot.. and reminds me with the complete OPPOSITE of him, he's called Ahmed and used to work off a kebab van on the high street of my university.

Ahmed was amazing.. he was north african, and brilliant. my college food was so bad that my refuge was his food.. obviously i was too young to care those days.. but i considered his food a lesser form of junk food compared to uni food, and it was about the same price too (factors heavily when ur a student).

he would actually help young students out rather than checking them out!

i miss ahmed.. and actually since then i managed to discover better foods, but not better service.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thanks H, Yes I think anonymous didnt know much about Libyan Jews and thats wh she joked about me forgetting how Libyan/Arabic sounds :o)
I thought it was filmed in Italy, thanks for the info.

Hello Luna
I bet you had salt beef on rye bread, very popular at Selfridges, ver nice :o)

the problem with some shops selling non halal meat and advertising it as halal is as you said happens sometimes, best thing to stick to who you know, ASDA now provide a good clean halal counter, thank you.

on the edge
customer service is getting more worse all the time, I think this is the only way forward :o)

Ahlan ya Buj
thank you for sharing your memory with Ahmed, wish many were like him :o)

Meme said...

سلام عليكم

هادي خبريه حلوه خصوصا ان عدد المسلمين المقيمين في الخارج في تزايد
من ناحيه اكل لحوم الكتابيين شوف اللينك هدا
بس بالنسبه ليا اناو برغم النأكيدات ماتقبلتاش و ضليت على السمك

بالنسبه للبائع نهنيك احسن مادرت:)

Anonymous said...

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