Thursday, 24 December 2009

Seasons Greetings....

Wishing all people that celebrate it a Happy & Peaceful Christmas
Just come back from the supermarket which was like a mad house, crowds of people buying anything and everything even though supermarkets are only closed for one day which is tomorrow Christmas day, I suppose people are the same everywhere when ever the thought of no shops open then they have to stock up!
The fact that Britain is going through a recession did not put people off shopping actually the truth is that I haven't seen better prices for a long time, there are many discounts and offers to entice people to buy, sales have started already in many shops and many goods are affordable, bless Britain a country that knows how to look after its people a lesson to many countries out there that have no respect what so ever to their own people.
Here is the fabulous voice of Fairouz singing the Arabic version of "Silent Night":