Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Circus Comes To Town (Sirte Town)

The Arab circus comes to town, Sirte town that is! The same old boring circus sets tent in Libya this time and with no new acts, just the same old acts, the same old clowns and performers have gathered again, the same circus that was deemed a failure even before it arrived, no one is expecting anything new or useful, just the same hot air over and over again even though they know that the costs will run in the hundreds of millions of pounds but that is OK as long as it keeps the old clowns happy.
As usual ordinary Arab people have no say in the matter, if it was up to them then they would happily cancel the performance and contribute all that money to help poor children all over the world, help the suffering children of Gaza and their families but instead we will have a lot of leaders condemning Israel for its crimes against the Palestinians yet those leaders are as guilty as the Israelis for they talk but do not take action, they sit on their puffed up armchairs eat, drink and watch fat dancers performing for them with no care in the world.

Channel 4 recently showed a documentary called "The Children Of Gaza" it was a pleasure to watch and very powerful, anyone with a bit of humanity in them would be moved by the plight of these brave children.
you can watch the documentary on this link:
This is a new version of the famous song IMAGINE, this version comes from the US TV show Glee, it is sung by a group of deaf teenagers accompanied by the cast, watch until the end, it really is beautiful:

Friday, 19 March 2010

Alice & Sophie!

I have received a "friendly warning" to update my blog from the newly formed LBMB so I thought I better update before the warnings become not so friendly lol .

The kids have been waiting to watch the new Alice In Wonderland film since they saw the trailers a while ago, I too wanted to watch it as it seemed good fun 3D film and what a delight it was! the effects were amazing, we all liked the red queen best, played by the talented Helena Bonham Carter, she had a huge head which made her character really funny and Johnny Depp was wonderful as the mad hatter, highly recommended especially if you watch the 3D version.


I have been enjoying a newish column on The Tripoli Post by Sophie McBain called Tripoli Diaries, this is how its described:
“In the Tripoli Post's new weekly column, Sophie McBain explores the ins and outs of expat life in Libya's capital city.”
So far Sophie has written 9 articles about life in Tripoli and its not about expats only, read the diaries and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Staying on the subject of weddings, these are pictures from a mass wedding in the USA, the company that organised the wedding told the happy couples that they hid presents inside the huge wedding cake including one cheques to the value of $50,000, the idea was that when the married couple cut the cake, each might find a present which could be that nice fat cheques!

But what happened shows how greedy humans can be, the ladies as soon as they heard about the cheques, the forgot about their husbands and forgot about their beautiful white wedding dresses and attacked the huge cake just to find that cheque:

These ladies found some presents but clearly they are not happy!

The winner with the $50,000 cheque, I wonder if she dumped her husband!


One more picture

It seems somebody forgot to take his hat off inside the mosque lol :o)