Monday, 17 May 2010

This And That!!

Where do I start? A lot has been happening but I didn't feel like updating my blog which is a shame since I do like writing my thoughts and what ever!
A day after my last post, my father in law died in Benghazi and we decided again that Aida would accompany her mother while Amir stays with me, it was a quick decision as they had to leave the following morning, luckily it was the beginning of the Easter holiday and the kids were off school for the next 2 weeks, of course as most people know the Ash cloud covered the skies above Britain 2 weeks later and so Aida and her mum could not return and had to stay an extra week in Libya until they managed to fly back.

Aida & her cousin Bushra at Tripoli Airport

Justify Full Amir did not give me any trouble at all, as last year when we both stayed together, he was as good as gold and really enjoyed being with me, we managed to do few things but the most enjoyable day was when we visited Chessington's World Of Adventures, that was amazing, some of the rides were really scary, something that I used to enjoy a lot but now as I am older they sort of make me dizzy and vomitty but it was worth it just for the screams and laughs that were coming from Amir.

The theme park contains a fully stocked zoo too which was great as I do love animals, the highlight was a naughty little cute gorilla that we just wanted to take home but I think there was more chance of us being locked up there than bringing the baby gorilla home :oS


Last week we had a general election here in the UK, the result of which probably wasn't what many people wanted but that is democracy at its best, I too voted, a privilege I got from living in this wonderful country where human rights are recognised and respected, I saw a middle age Iraqi woman walking towards the polling station holding her British passport and voting card up with a very proud look on her face, this lady never had the opportunity to vote before but now walked proudly doing what we all should do in a free society, good on her.


Many of us are still in shock about the tragic Libyan airplane crash that killed so many innocent lives, my condolences to the families of all victims including my brother's in-laws who lost their daughter in this tragedy and the best of luck to the boy survivor Ruben who has captured the world's heart, lets hope the Libyan authorities do the right thing with their investigation and compensate all victims no matter what nationality they were.

Amir with what must be the biggest Crisp in the world!