Sunday, 6 June 2010


After last week with all the bad news and the upsets, I can only pray that life gets better for everyone in Gaza, yesterday there was a big demonstration in London against the Israeli aggression, I didn't go but some of my friends did, unfortunately in few days time everything will be forgotten as usual and Israel will carry on with its crimes against fellow human beings.

Last night I watched the final of Britain's Got Talent, I didn't pay much attention to it this year but I have seen the winning act during the auditions and I thought they were amazing so it was no surprise that they won the competition, SPELBOUND are very talented and very discipline, their act is breath taking and I am sure they made the whole nation proud:

As usual there was a mixture of freaks, untalented people and animals and some that were talented, here are my other favourite acts, Tina & Chandi the dog followed by the wonderful strong voice of Christopher Stone:


Yesterday Aida was invited to a birthday outing by one of her school friends, it was the first time that Aida went out to central London without any of us, she was accompanied by 7 friends and the mother of the birthday girl. They first went to watch Prince Of Persia at the cinema then went for a party lunch at Planet Hollywood, which she thought was amazing, I myself have never been there but I suppose when our children do things we never have it still feels good, Aida is 11 years old now and is really looking after herself and the way she looks.