Monday, 21 February 2011

Long Live Free Libya

Libyans are pleading to the world to help them, they are being massacred by mercenaries, the Libyan government is accusing the protesters of looting and damaging public buildings, my friends in Libya told me that Libyans do not do that, they don't have it in them, they are good decent people, Gaddafi is trying to turn people against each other, everyone one I know is protesting and protecting their properties, its all out war, many are shot, their injuries are beyond description, their heads are blown up, as I am writing this people are being shot in the streets of Tripoli and Zentan by African troops.
My friends are burying young men right now, they are not crying just shouting Allah Akbar, the world needs to put the oil issue on the side and help Libya.

دم الشهدا مايمشيش هبا

What do you call someone who fights against tanks, helicopter gunships, snipers, machine guns, and foreign mercenaries with their bare hands and WINS????



Anonymous said...

نحن شعب واحد ونحافظ على حقوقنا قبل ظهور البترول،ووالدك هو عدونا الوحيد،وما عليك إلا أن تأخذه مع اخوتك وتذهبوا إلى الجحيم،فأنتم لستم أوصياء علينا يا قتلة ويا لصوص.

الأصلاح الوحيد أن لا نري وجهك ولا وجه أبوك الفاسد .

أرحلوا يا قتلة ..يا لصوص..فلا مكان لكم بيننا،ويكفي 42 سنة وما رأينا على أيديكم من هلاك.

هل نحن حيوانات حتى تتوارثوننا يا سفله ؟! .

لقد كشفت أوراقك فأنت مجرد كذاب ونصاب مثل ابوك..وأنت صاحب الخطوط الحمراء وشلالات الدماء،ونهايتك مع أبيك وأسرتك أما الهروب وإما الذبح او الشنق على يد الذين وصفتهم بالبلطجية،ولم تستحي وتفهم أن هؤلاء هم ابناء الأمة الليبية الذين خرجوا عليك وعلى أبيك،لأنه لا صفة ولا مكان لكما بيننا إلا كمواطنين،بل حتى هذه الصفة قد فقدتموها بأرتكاب الخيانة العظمي ضد الليبيين..وطز فيك وفي أبيك وفي كل من تحتمي به ويحتمي بك .

كلنا أخوة ونحب بلادنا على اختلاف قبائلنا ونحن فقراء وعندما أصبحنا أغنياء ورغم سرقة والدك لنا.

رابطة الدم توحدنا...أنت وأبوك وأسرتك أعداء للشعب الليبي كله،فلتذهبوا إلى الجحيم يا عذابنا المقيم والشيطان الرجيم .

Anonymous said...

Latest news... Airplanes and helicopters are bombarding civilians in Libya. Anonymous callers put the death toll to thousands of dead peoples lying on the street of Benghazi and other cities. Military personnel is busting doctors and nurses and keeping dead bodies from leaving the hospitals. Many Libyan ambassadors resigned and sided with the people's call for democracy. Foreign governments are already discussing the fate of Qaddafi and his military supporters to be tried in international courts of justice. More news will be posted as they arrive from eyewitnesses in Libya.

c. hilleary said...

I report for Voice of America's Middle East Monitor show--and am looking for Libyans to interview about the situation in Libya. Email

AU Citizen said...

The story about the mercenaries pains me. I'm British by birth, with Nigerian origins. I know many Nigerian soldiers have gone to Libya over the years to train with the lunatic in chief of Libya, and have links with his even more lunatic son.
Libyans should ask ECOWAS to account for this madness.
The state of sub saharan Africa is dire, and they have the guts to frustrate those who genuinely seek their own freedom.
Apologies to the Libyan people.

Anonymous said...

On concrete steps to stop the massacre

Lirun said...

incredibly sad..

Bruna said...

Today (February 23rd) the old flag is flying on the Lybian Ambassade in Rome, too, thanks to a young protester.

What does "dhamm al-shuhada' ma yamshish huba'" mean? Besides "the martyrs' blood" I can't understand this sentence, I have read it all over the protesters' flags.

Viva la Libia libera! Samra

Nasser Busen said...

roughly it means the blood of martyrs will not go to waste or will not go in vain

Anonymous said...

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