Saturday, 9 April 2011

Benghazi Rising

A documentary about the start of the Libyan revolution in the city of Benghazi - in English -

Here is a link to the video, Click Here

Sunday, 3 April 2011

A Message From Libya....

Today I got the following Email from a friend who is a Doctor in Benghazi, their wish was that their Email is published so that people might take action:

We are all fine here, things are getting better. The shootings are less and we feel safer to go out and people are trying to resume at least the vital aspects of life. The fight goes on in Braiga, and we get many injured and some dead fighters here. Our concern is Misrata, and the west mountain areas of Amazigh people. A genocide is planned there and is happening on daily bases. They have orders to kill all men and rape all women. One man who escaped Misrata via a fishing boat and came to Benghazi told us of the horrors that are happening there. He said the outskirts of Misrata have been wiped out of people. We need to alert the world and I need your help asap please. Shout it out to all and let everyone all over the globe go out on daily bases to demo in front of the Turkish embassy . We received evidence today that Erdogan has made big deals with Saif and has taken bribes. If this goes out he will be jailed. That is why he is supporting him and he has the second biggest army in NATO thus he is influencing NATO not to bombard the western parts. We need this to stop please talk to your Turkish friends. They need to lobby against him, he says he is pro Islam while he is supporting a man who is killing muslims and burning mosques and the Quran. He has to go and this is what we need to do give him no rest please. Same goes for Algeria who is shipping mercenaries till now through the southern Libyan border. Please guys help and spread the message and make this your aim to get the NATO to help stop killing our people in the western cities.