Monday, 1 August 2011

My Visit To Misrata, Libya

Gaddafi the Doormat of Misrata

It has been sometime since I posted, I have been busy taking part in the voluntary aid to Libya operation from Malta, mainly to the city of Misrata.
On the 8, 9 & 10th of July I travelled by boat to Misrata to see what has happened there for myself, this was my first visit there since I was a young child no matter how many pictures and videos you see of the damage done to this brave defiant city, it does not prepare you for the real thing, I was shocked and could not believe the revenge Gaddafi took on this city, the damage is far too much, buildings have been hit severely, apartment blocks with each apartment hit by a missile, shopping centres, hospitals, schools, food outlets all completely destroyed but what Gaddafi could not destroy was the spirit of the people of Misrata. as one British mine specialist told me there: the best thing about Misrata is its people and their determination to keep their city Free.

Here are some pictures I took while I was there

on the boat just leaving Malta

the raising of the Libyan & Qatari flags as we enter Libyan waters

the port of Misrata

one of the freedom fighters Head Quarters

at the IMC Field Hospital at the front line in Dafniya, while I was there I could hear very clearly the fighting that was a very short distance ahead but people at the hospital were not bothered and just got on with their jobs even though missiles were falling on them occasionally

a Gaddafi tank destroyed by NATO while hiding in a vegetable market

more destroyed tanks by NATO

These are residential buildings in Tripoli street Misrata, seeing pictures and videos is not like seeing the real thing, the devastation is way too much, the stories of the people are heartbreaking but people are strong

the museum in Tripoli Street that tells the story of what happened to Misrata and shows the weapons that were used against its people

the endless rows of the martyrs and missing in Misrata, a heartbreaking sight

Misrata thanks the State of Qatar for the great help they provided

a sign thanking Qatar, France, UK, USA and other countries for their help

a sample of the bullets used against our people

shopping centre

the Insurance Building where many Gaddafi snipers were situated and committed many crimes

the entrance to the customs & excise building in Misrata port

Defiance Square in Misrata where many children come in the evening to be entertained with music, plays and where they can express their feelings with art

one of the many anti-Gaddafi graffiti you see all over Misrata

most mosques were either destroyed or hit by bullets and no that was not done by NATO but by Gaddafi's gangs

one of the oldest Cafes in Misrata

at Al-Baraka Hotel with some of the journalists staying there

boarding the boat back to Malta

Standing next to a Libyan hero, this brave man is travelling with us to Malta. I really wanted to stay longer in Misrata, i hope i get back soon, i loved being there

I have many more pictures which you can see by clicking on the following link