Saturday, 26 February 2011

سوف نبقى هنا - We Will Stay Here

The song that is becoming fast the Anthem for the Libyan uprising

The people of Free Benghazi sing the same song at the beginning of this CNN report

Friday, 25 February 2011

Born in Benghazi, Raised in Tripoli - I AM LIBYAN

taken from: Libya our home

This is a picture of the drugs the brave Libyan youth are on, very addictive, not the hallucinating drugs that Gaddafi the murderer has accused them of using.

Support from the brave people of Tunisia to the brave people of Libya

Our prayers are with my people everywhere in Libya, freedom is coming, the international community needs to step up its pressure and take a final decision to stop the massacres of the innocent in Libya, it has to be done now, our people bravely fought and still fighting the forces of the devil and they will not stop even if no one else helped.

Yesterday we protested again in London, my children led the march through Mayfair to the American and Italian Embassies, we were then joined by many students of the London School of Economics, today we are joined by people of Bahrain and Stop the war coalition, we will march from the Libyan embassy to the Bahrini embassy then to Downing street:

Aida, Amir & Mazen

This is a house in Mayfair, I don't know who they are, good support

This a link to First Edition of the Benghazi Newspaper, amazing

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Libya My Proud Country

The protests in London against the murderous Gaddafi continues, we are protesting everyday until the dictator falls, our young children here now have a flag to be proud of, even us of an older generation never experienced the pride of carrying a Libyan flag, the Gaddafi flag never meant anything to us, it was just a green rag, we almost lost our sense of belonging to Libya, we felt negative after so many years of being oppressed, the regime accuses the Libyan community living abroad of being living in luxury when the reality is completely different
Now we are all so very proud of being Libyan, the people of Libya have re-written our history which will go side to side with our pride of Omar Al-Mukhtar, yes now we can say it loud: we are the grandchildren of Omar Al-Mukhtar, we will not surrender, we will win.
Our people are standing up and will not give up the struggle, they surprised the world, those people that made fun of us on TV during recent uprisings and said Libyans are backword and only interested in food, look at Libyans now, they are the new heroes of the middle east.

I am Proud, I am Libyan, Allah save Libya

I wish people would stop calling Gaddafi a Jew, there good Jewish people and Jews do not kill their own people, I wish people would stop calling Gaddafi a dog and a donkey, these are loyal animals, Animals only attack when threatened and hungry.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Protest outside Downing Street, London

Today almost the entire Libyan population of London plus other Libyans from other cities and many other nationalities protested outside Downing Street in London, people from all walks of life, the rich and the not so well off, women, men and children all united in one thing, the fall of Gaddafi the dictator, we are demonstrating in London everyday until he goes, tomorrow it will be outside the American Embassy in London.

protesters singing Libya's independence anthem that has not been sung in public since 1969

Monday, 21 February 2011

Long Live Free Libya

Libyans are pleading to the world to help them, they are being massacred by mercenaries, the Libyan government is accusing the protesters of looting and damaging public buildings, my friends in Libya told me that Libyans do not do that, they don't have it in them, they are good decent people, Gaddafi is trying to turn people against each other, everyone one I know is protesting and protecting their properties, its all out war, many are shot, their injuries are beyond description, their heads are blown up, as I am writing this people are being shot in the streets of Tripoli and Zentan by African troops.
My friends are burying young men right now, they are not crying just shouting Allah Akbar, the world needs to put the oil issue on the side and help Libya.

دم الشهدا مايمشيش هبا

What do you call someone who fights against tanks, helicopter gunships, snipers, machine guns, and foreign mercenaries with their bare hands and WINS????


Saif Al-Gaddafi's Speech....

Libyan people give their verdict to Saif Al-Gaddafi's speech