Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Musa Ibrahim, His German Wife & Their Lies...

On the 25th March 2011, I found a blog by a German woman living in Libya, her blog was spreading lies sounding exactly as the crap you get from Libyan state TV and the Libyan dreadful fat poodle spokesman Musa Ibrahim, I commented there telling her to stop being a mouth piece for Gaddafi and to be real, surprisingly she answered meaning she has Internet access in Tripoli while the whole population there can not access the Internet since it was cut off about 3 weeks ago!
Now the news emerged that she is the wife of the FAT POODLE Libyan spokesman Ibrahim Musa and her previously unknown blog is getting a lot of hate comments.
My advise to her is to take her child and leave the country, tell the world about what is happening in Libya and about her nasty husband, she should save herself before she is faced with reality and as for her husband, he is a wanted man internationally and has no place to escape to.

The Blog is called:  HADERZA

Here is an article about this woman and her husband:

Musa Ibrahim’s wife is German…and she has a blog

Monday, 28 March 2011

Help Save Eman Al-Obeidi

Eman Al-Obeidi is a name that became headline news, this brave lady told her harrowing story to the international media in Tripoli, Libya knowing that she will be punished severely for telling the truth about Gaddafi and his thugs and what they have done to her.
Rixos Hotel in Tripoli which is owned by a Turkish company is employing Gaddafi agents, some of them took part in trying to gag Eman, they even attacked some of the journalists, you can contact Rixos Hotel by Email or phone and complain about their staff here:  RIXOS

Please show your support by signing this petition calling for Eman to be released and saved from the criminal Libyan Gaddafi regime:

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Be With Us or Shut Up....

I find it very irresponsible of some people, countries and organisations criticising the coalition war against Gaddafi the mass murderer, the help of the coalition forces towards the people of Libya should be encouraged, its because of them that the citizens of Benghazi were spared from a bloody massacre and hopefully many other cities in Libya will soon be saved too.  All this rubbish being published about Libya being another Iraq and Afghanistan is not helping, Libya is different, the people of Libya wanted peacefully to change the regime who in turn used all their weapons to fight defenceless innocent civilians who had no choice but to take arms and defend themselves, they fought bravely but their arms were nothing compared to what Gaddafi had in mind for them, he murdered and injured thousands, he attacked buildings and mosques, nothing was spared in his filthy war against the people of Libya so for all these people that are criticising the coalition forces, why didn't you put your hard hats on and went to Libya to fight along side the Libyan people? or is it much better for you to sit at home watch the massacres take place and then voice your opinion that the whole thing is about oil! and even if it is about oil, these countries would I'm sure like to have our oil but that would be purely business where they buy the oil and our country and people benefit from it, or would the sceptics rather see Gaddafi selling the oil and keeping the money for himself and his disgusting family as he has been doing for the past 42 years! and what was that all about seeing sombre looking Russians walking to the Libyan embassy with huge flower wreath dedicated to the innocent civilians allegedly killed by the coalition forces in Libya!! why didn't these people show any sympathy for the thousand of Gaddafi's victims in Libya! why don't they support the people or shut up!
What Gaddafi is showing on his TV channels is nothing but propaganda, the alleged injured looked healthy, their eyes were bright, compare that with the hundreds of videos showing the real victims of Gaddafi including children the elderly and women.
Its about time that we gave credit to the West and its people, they value the lives of human beings, they value human rights and as many witnesses from Libya said, their strikes against Gaddafi have been accurate and did not cause any harm to people, I myself spoke to people in Tripoli & Benghazi who are really appreciating what is happening and are 100% with hitting Gaddafi hard.
May his end InshaAllah comes soon and to be honest I used to have this politically correct attitude about things and thought Gaddafi should be caught and put to trial, well I don't have this feeling anymore, after seeing the genocide he, his sons & gangs have committed in Libya, I know wish they all burn in this life before they burn in hell, their filthy bodies are not worthy of being buried in Libyan soil.

Picture By:  Salwa Buisier

For all of you sceptics that pretend to care about Libyan people, look at what Gaddafi is doing, then you will know why we Libyan people are grateful for any help we can get to stop Gaddafi and his gangs

This wasn't done by UK, USA or France, it was done by Gaddafi and his gangs

Monday, 7 March 2011

Tunisia Stands Tall....

While the world is watching the refugee crisis at the border between Libya and Tunisia and how the Tunisians are doing all they can to help, not many others are helping! where are the oil rich Arab countries? what did they do to help Tunisia to cope with these crisis? and while the world is freezing Gaddafi's assets why dont they use some of this money to help Tunisians cope?
I salute the admirable people of Tunisia who are volunteering and helping refugees, they need help, I wish those Arab countries that are stuck to their TV sets watching the massacres of the Libyan people and the plight of the refugees that they get off their bottoms and help, dont they realise that it might be their turn next to go through the wave that is sweeping the middle east.


Now that Gaddafis are headline news, more & more people associated with them will be selling their stories to the tabloids, these people have made money from their association with the Gaddafis, now they will make even more money, they are nothing but trash and not much better than the Gaddafis themselves, all will go to the trash bin of the world, I thought about providing some links to stories of such people but then I thought no, they do not deserve any more publicity.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The Green Book Burns!

For the first time in my life I agree with the burning of a book, the idiotic green book of Gaddafi the murderer, the brave people of the city of Misrata stand as one and send a message to gaddafi, until when  this mad dictator is going to claim that these brave people are drunks and drug addicts! he should look closer at home, his son Saadi looked drugged out of his mind when he said he was missing travelling and being in a safari!

I feel its not right to write about how I feel while so many people in Libya are being attacked and killed, while so many people in the city of Tripoli and other cities are being harassed and treated badly by the gangs of Gaddafi, no matter how angry and sad I feel, its nothing compared to what Libya people in Libya feel at the moment, all I can do is offer them my prayers and the prayers & support of many people all over the world to the brave Libyan people.
For once the whole world united, We are all against Gaddafi