Thursday, 20 September 2012

Tomb Raiders, Oppressors & Murderers

The last few weeks have not been good in Libya, what with all the bad news starting with the destruction of some of Libya's oldest shrines and mosques by extremists who had no respect for Islam let alone for their country, they wanted dialogue but only after they carried out their nasty acts and then they said they did it because it was against our religion! Dialogue comes first and if they wanted to do something good for the country then why didn't they use education and information instead of demolition!

The bad news continued with the murder of the USA ambassador to Libya, Mr. Chris Stevens and three of his colleagues in Benghazi also by extremists.
Mr. Stevens was the most visible foreign ambassador in Libya who many Libyans liked because he gave us hope that Libya was safe as he used to visit public places around the country and mixed with the locals and always said how safe he felt doing so, his death was a big shock to many.

The Islamic world erupted after the news of the cheap offencive film about the prophet Mohamed (PBUH) was published, while I support Muslims protesting against this stupid film but protest should not be by violence and destruction, Muslims should follow the meaning of their religion and do it peacefully and at the end of the day any good Muslim would have respect for their religeon and their prophet and nothing like this should shake their belief, the worst thing is that us Muslims gave a free publicity to this film and now its the most popular video on Youtube! on the other hand worse insults to our religion are committed daily in Syria by Muslims yet we choose to over look our own crimes against our people, strange world!

This post which I posted on a Libyan facebook page about an incident I witnessed last week, it generated a lot of interest with over 100 comments, it was also mentioned by a Libyan TV channel, Radio and also I was interviewed by News Week about this incident:

Does anyone know about the raid that happened just over an hour ago in hai alandalus on the seafront cafes and nadi alrimal?
I was sitting in Location cafe with friend when a convoy of 4 official police cars pulled over, men with very long beards and weapons came out and raided Location and the cafe next door (Lamma).
In front of me sat a man with long hair, one bearded guy went to him then apologised saying to the guy sorry i thought u were a woman!
Then they raided upstairs the family section but since it was late no women were around
I asked one of them what they were doing, he replied making sure that no women were sitting in cafe!! Few foreign men that were there clearly got scared and left. I could see they were doing the same in the cafe next door
As i left they sped by and went to nadi alrimal (the golf club)
Usually its full of families, i didnt see if they went in and scared people but they surrounded the club!! They didn't look legal but their cars sure did
I hope someone has more info.

There has been news about how certain extremists are trying to scare women and oppress them by making them stay at home, these are the same women that gave up their husbands, sons and brothers to free Libya from the tyrant, the same women that looked after the men while they were fighting, now they want them to disappear and be forced to dress in certain ways, I am not against women dressing in Hijab, niqab or not covering their head, this is a personal choice that should be respected, it is so ridiculous when you see some men have no problem committing acts that are forbidden in our religion but when they see a woman without head cover suddenly they are expert religious authorities and they are so offended!!
Libya has so many problems at the moment that need to be addressed and sorted yet many here are picking on the weak but our women are strong and will not put up with this, the only way for Libya is forward, enough running backward.
Many of our international friends are here to help us now as they helped us when we needed them last year, we should stop all this suspicions, we are not stupid, we know right from wrong if we want Libya to be a modern respectable democratic country which thousands of our people paid with their blood so that we can become proud citizens of the civilised world and anyone that tries to jeopardise this should be dealt with an iron fist, there is no other way if we want our country to succeed and we do not need people to tell us how to be Muslims, we are moderate Muslims and proud of that.

May Allah Bless Libya and the people of Libya

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Year On....

Wow it has been almost a year since I blogged, a year that was full of adventures and surprises, good & bad.

Since January 2012 I moved to Tripoli, Libya on my own, my family are still in London for the time being and I visit them when I can, they also spent the summer here between Benghazi and Tripoli.

9 months after moving here, I am still adjusting or trying to adjust to life here, its not bad here but after 32 years of living in London I still sometimes struggle to fit in and at times feel as a foreigner in my own country, I am hopin this would change as time goes by.
It is strange how many people here think that Libyan expats must have a completely different life to them, for example just because I lived in London many here think that I do not know Libyan food and my diet only consists of corn flakes and chips lol
it can be annouying when repeatedly you are reminded that you are not a proper Libyan when the reality is that for example the Libyan community in the UK have stuck to their customs and have always been proud of Libya.

Most people in Libya are very friendly and very welcoming but you have to be careful what to say as they seem to get offended easily so I try to blend in and not mention the fact that I was living abroad unless I have to and this is usually when someone starts critisising the west for the wrong reasons, this is really annouying and usually I tell them why you mention the few bad points of western society, what about the good points and there are a lot of them that even if few were followed here life would be much easier for all but the truth is Libya has a long way to go but hopefully it will happen one day.
It has been more than 3 months since I visited home, London and I am missing it a lot, I should be going back for a short break soon inshaAllah and I cant wait.

I am hoping that I continue blogging, I have missed it a lot but so much happend that I just couldnt carry on and just ended up completely ignoring blogging.